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Verve Marketing Group Celebrates 15 Years of Moving Brands with Beauty, Purpose, and Power
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Verve Marketing Group, a creative and marketing agency in the Chicago area, is pleased to announce its 15th-anniversary milestone. Established in 2008, the agency has found success through the challenging lows and rewarding highs of agency life over the past decade and a half through its unwavering commitment to creativity, strategy, and client success.

From humble beginnings with a single client to now an established and respected firm, the agency’s dedication to building relationships and delivering exceptional results has been the cornerstone of its longevity. During its 15-year journey, Verve Marketing Group has traversed a path marked with an ever-growing client base and consistent recognition for both its creative and marketing prowess. Agency awards include a steady stream of creative awards, in particular for website and brochure design. Verve has also garnered top rankings from rating firms such as Clutch for marketing, SEO, and branding expertise.

“In the early years, our clients were people I had known from the client side or referrals,” said Joan Begitschke, Chief Brand and Marketing Officer and founder of Verve Marketing Group. “It was a turning point when we began getting new clients through SEO and purely by the caliber of work. We’re grateful to continue working with many of those today including clients that have continued with us even through client staff changes. It’s gratifying not just from a financial standpoint – we get to know these companies and really become invested in their continuing success.”

The power of deeply integrated strategy and creative

Throughout its journey, Verve Marketing Group has embraced the critical importance of strategy and creative working in tandem to produce engaging and effective work. This is woven into the very structure of the agency and carried through all creative deliverables. The agency has also put a priority on staying on the forefront of emerging technologies and trends. Over a decade ago,  in 2012, it was one of the early producers of responsive websites. Today, it continues to produce award-winning websites that integrate UX design, content strategy, and development to produce effective user experiences that drive tangible business growth.

As Verve looks forward to the future, it remains steadfast in its mission to elevate brands and transform businesses with a smart, thoughtful approach. The 15th-anniversary milestone serves as a reminder of the agency’s resilience, adaptability, and unwavering dedication to creating meaningful connections in an ever-evolving digital world.

“I love the power of strategic creative and how it can help change the trajectory of an organization. It’s like magic – the power of words, images, and design – brought together to change how someone thinks about an organization. And what that means for us is the privilege of helping some pretty amazing organizations impacting lives and even the world. The many client-turned-friendships over the years have impacted my life. It’s been a fun ride, and we’re looking forward to the future,” said Joan.

About Verve Marketing Group

Verve Marketing Group is an award-winning creative and strategic marketing agency based in metro Chicago. The agency provides branding, web design, and digital marketing services with customized, performance-driven solutions designed around the unique needs of their clients. Agency client companies and nonprofits include the New International Version, Particle Technology Labs, Kiefer Aquatics, Wheaton College, and Woodstock Institute.

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