You may be a big-time established author or a first time novice. Whether highly supported by your publisher – or completely on your own as a self-published author – if you are motivated to promote your own books, we’ll get you set up to do that.

• Build your own personal brand as an author or speaker while also promoting your books
• Accelerate visibility far beyond your circle of friends and acquaintances

Work with a Team of Book Marketing and Digital Marketing Experts

The Verve Group team has experience launching over a thousand books – from New York Times bestsellers, to medical books, to college textbooks. Whether it’s non-fiction or fiction; books written for adults or kids; titles published in hardcover, ebook, audio, or DVD – we’ll come alongside with the expertise to help you accomplish your goals.

Your Goals as an Author Come First

Your goal may be to simply sell a lot of books. It may be to use your book to build a personal brand as a content expert in your field. Or it may be to build a speaking career. We’ll consider the best tactics to help you reach your audience taking into consideration factors such as your personal communication preferences as writer/speaker and preferred social channels.

Begin With a Website. Then Drive Them to It.

You’ll want a consistent graphic look and messaging across all communications. Your website is the hub where all communications point and where visitors can learn more, experience your book through a sample chapter download, click to purchase online – all the things that encourage further interaction with you.

Web Design

Your author website or landing page is the hub of your communications efforts. At minimum this should include pages about you, your books, contact information, and be set up to support online search for keyword phrases beyond your name and book titles. Beyond that, provide a sample chapter download, take direct online sales, provide a speaker request form, add a video book trailer, and much more.


Gather subscriber emails on your site and send relevant communications to people who care enough to sign up because they want to hear from you!

Social Media Marketing

This is where writers shine! Social media posting and blog writing on your site and social channels should be written for content with a healthy appreciation of the importance of searched-for keyword phrases.

Off-Site Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you have a website and are not ranking in Google search as you’d hoped, you are likely relying 100% on search optimization just on your site. Ongoing monthly off-site activities such as linking and directories are necessary to keep you moving up in search rankings for targeted keyword phrases.

The Verve Team – Book Marketing, Design, Web and SEO Experts

Your communications will be purposeful, artistic, and designed to deliver results. Creating marketing materials involves expertise in a variety of disciplines – graphic design, programming, writing, and marketing communications strategy. You’ll be proud of the results.

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