Our Brand Creation Process & Deliverables

PHASE 1: Discovery

We start with an understanding of your mission, vision, values and we uncover potential gaps between your envisioned brand and audience perceptions. This information-gathering phase also includes an audit of the competition. Primary research for feedback from internal stakeholders and consumers may be conducted to supplement existing information.

PHASE 2: Brand Strategy Platform

A brand platform concisely explains the brand in words. The deliverable will be a presentation that includes key aspects of your brand such as:

Brand Vision
The organization’s reason for existence, envisioned future, key product/services and target audiences.

Brand Positioning

The distinctive strength(s) of the brand in comparison to the competition that is valued by your audience.

Brand Promise
A high-level compelling, credible, and easily understood promise that connects across all audiences.

Brand Personality
The core attributes, values, beliefs, behaviors, personality, and persona that characterize the brand.

Example of brand strategy platform used before creating brand identity

PHASE 3: Brand Identity

Depending on your need, deliverables may include:

Logo Design
These may be type logos or type with a brand mark.

Taglines and/or branded campaigns may be developed.

Key Messaging
The brand story and key messaging points that form the basis for communication is written.

Visual Look and Feel
Creation of the organization’s visual identity includes exploration of design elements such as colors, body and display typefaces, use of imagery, potential use of graphical shapes, textures, and space.

Brand identity creation example

PHASE 4: Implementation Into Website, Digital and Print

Verve Marketing Group will then implement it into web, digital and print communications as needed. This typically includes design of a new website, business papers, email templates, sales sheets and other marketing materials. Your brand identity will also be documented in a brand style guide so it can be consistently executed throughout the organization.

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