Digital Marketing Services

Verve Marketing Group offers a full range of digital creative to keep you front of mind and engaged with your audiences. Let us help with the strategic use of email, social media, content marketing, and search marketing tactics to accomplish your objectives. We are also retained simply for our excellent creative deliverables—branded social content, email templates and web ads.

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Verve Marketing Group has stayed at the forefront of the ever-changing Google search algorithm and uses a wide variety of tactics to improve your online search visibility.

We begin with an audit of your site and understanding your business objectives. We look at what visitors are searching for related to your products and services, what the competition is doing and how you compare. Your customized search marketing program will include a multitude of activities designed to improve rankings on relevant keywords that drive the actions you are seeking on your website.

Blog and Social Media Marketing

New site content such as blog articles are an important way of increasing site traffic. Each article provides an opportunity to optimize a page in search engines on topics relevant to your audience and business. And every new blog site page helps drive new visitors to the site who may not have been familiar with your products and services.

Social media content promoting your blog articles encourage engagement by those likely familiar with your organization helping keep it front of mind. All in all, we help create content on the web in the places where your audiences congregate.

• Content strategy
• Blog article writing
• Social posts and graphics

Email Marketing

Email is one of the most effective ways to communicate one-on-one in the digital age.

Current customers. Verve can create branded email templates and enewsletters for internal sends or let us manage your email campaigns.

For lead generation. Email is a central component of lead generation campaigns. We can help you establish an automated series of outbound emails to potential customers and scale your outbound efforts.

• Email strategy
• Email template design
• B2B lead generation campaigns

Digital Advertising and Paid Search

Reach your audience where they already congregate online. Verve concepts and creates online ads designed for interaction and conversion. And we get them in front of your audience through Google Ads and social platforms.

Targeted messages create interest and click throughs. After the initial setup, ongoing activities ensure your campaigns continue to improve and deliver.

• Paid ad campaigns
• Digital ad creative
• Social media advertising

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