International Code Council
Website overhauled to help visitors find what they need and to move from free information to paid upgrades.
Web Design

The Brand and Challenge

The International Code Council develops the building codes and compliance standards used to ensure safety in the U.S. and abroad. Site visitors were finding it extremely difficult to find the code they needed. This was not only a problem for users, but a major problem from a business perspective as online use of the free code is often the first step in upgrading to purchase use if the ICC paid code platform premiumACCESS™.

What We Did

Verve Marketing Group developed key audience personas and user paths for the diverse audience of users which include building inspectors, architects, and contractors. The website was completely redesigned to help visitors find the codes they need in the free section of the site. And pages were created to create a seamless experience from site entry from finding the desired free building codes and standards through to purchase options.

International Code Council website design
  • Site visitors can now go to a single page and find every type of codebook with an extensive sidebar filter.
  • A comprehensive program of CTAs moves users of the free online code through to trial and purchase of the paid code platform. This includes a dedicated landing page from which CTAs drive to and free trial offers along the customer journey.
  • The ICC Store landing page was redesigned to visually carry over from the codebook Search page to create a seamless experience from free code usage through to product search and purchase.

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