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The Brand and Challenge

Kiefer Aquatics is a leading ecommerce and brick and mortar retailer for the swim industry. Like many companies in business for a long time, Kiefer had acquired a number of brands and sub-brands. Overlapping product lines between brands was causing customer confusion and inefficiency. In addition, the rich history and respect for the Kiefer Aquatics brand was not understood by younger customers who are the future growth of the company. Leadership sought to clarify, elevate, and modernize the brands for both operational and marketing benefits.

Swimmers with Kiefer starting blocks
Kiefer Aquatics logo designed by Verve Marketing Group 2023

What We Did

The first line of attack and biggest source of revenue potential was to create a new website. In that process it became clear that a more thorough brand development process would be beneficial.

Key objectives:
1. Create stronger clarity between the brands.
2. Differentiate the Kiefer Aquatics brand from the competition.
3. Beyond the website, design templates along with a brand style guide so that the internal team would be able to implement the new identity across products and promotional materials.

Brand Identity Design

One-on-one interviews with Kiefer Aquatics leadership provided insights to separate the Kiefer brand and sub-brands from the corporate Kiefer brand and key competitors.

Designed New Logo. The updated logo carries on the legacy of the iconic seahorse mark in a more dynamic and modern look that reflects the true leadership position the brand holds.

Created New Visual Identity. The new look and feel updates colors, type fonts, imagery, and use of a dynamic angle that contributes to the energy of the brand. Direction was documented in a comprehensive brand style guide for consistency on future materials. Imagery included creating a library of original photography.

Brand Style Guide. The new messaging, look and feel were documented in a Brand Style Guide.

Website, Packaging, and Promotion

The new brand identity was implemented into a new website, product packaging templates, retail store schematic, after-purchase ecommerce emails, sales support materials and design on a traveling truck for local events.

The Kiefer website was named a Gold Award winner in the International MarCom Awards competition.

Kiefer brand identity carried into website design
Kiefer brand identity carried into truck design

“We set out to improve our visual brand, page designs and flow throughout the site to drive order conversion rates . . . Working with Verve, we were able to achieve our brand and customer experience objectives.”

— Elaina Cuoci
Director of Digital Marketing & Merchandising, Kiefer Aquatics

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