NIV 50th Anniversary



The NIV (New International Version) is the most-read English-language Bible translation in the world and the number one selling translation in the U.S. 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the commissioning of the translation.

Hundreds of new Bible editions are published each year in the NIV and it is a beloved translation in the Christian market. This anniversary website acts to support a yearlong campaign to promote the translation which indirectly supports sales of Bibles in the NIV text.

Audiences for the site are general consumers, scholar/pastor influencers, and retailers.

  • About the NIV pages provides information relevant to pastors and lay influencers.
  • The Products page presents an overview of the types of NIV Bible that are available creating awareness and a prompt for purchase; many in this audience own multiple Bibles or purchase them as gifts.
  • The Free Resources page offers a variety of ways for consumers to sample and share the translation with devotions, a free app, sharable memes and more.
  • Behind the passcode protected Retailer page is a library of in-store Bible training resources as well as assets to support the 50th anniversary campaign.
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