PARTICLE TECHNOLOGY LABS: Scientific testing lab increases site traffic 142% and rebrands with new website.

The Brand and Challenge

Particle Technology Labs (PTL) is a leader in the niche market of particle characterization testing. Clients in diverse industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, beverage, chemical, oil, pigment, environmental, water and wastewater utilize particle analysis testing to monitor and ensure product quality and safety standards. While already a leader in the field, PTL believed they could do better by outsourcing to a professional digital and web agency to be more effective in reaching new potential clients and communicating with materials in line with the high caliber of their services.

What We Did

In the first year, Verve Marketing Group developed a digital marketing program targeting the client’s niche audience with the goal of increasing online visibility and sales to potential new and repeat customers.

The Verve team of digital marketing, design, content marketing, and web experts works in collaboration with Particle Technology Labs to implement an ongoing multi-channel marketing program consisting of  monthly SEO-driven web articles, emails driving current and potential clients to the articles, and additional traffic from social media marketing. The program produced a 142% increase in site traffic the first year.

In 2022, Verve created a new brand identity to better capture PTL’s position as a leader in the particle testing industry and their particular strength providing insightful testing analyses.

Particle Technology Labs website banner image

Work included designing a new logo and website. The new website not only modernizes PTL’s brand, but provides a much-improved visitor experience including –

  • Complete redesign of the services pages that makes it much easier for customers to understand the purpose, benefits, and considerations for use of PTL’s 30+ analytical tests
  • New blog area that allows visitors to find articles by topic and associate the PTL analytical tests that are related to the article
  • Ability to easily find and filter sample data outputs by analytical test.

This site was designed as a custom WordPress site.


The more strategic marketing approach and quality of execution resulted in 142% increased traffic first year, increased organic site traffic in particular, substantial growth in first party emails and most importantly, new clients.

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