Preuss CoachLeader website design

The Brand

Preuss CoachLeader Academy works with organizations to coach and train leaders who replicate their training with others to create organization-wide change from within.

The Challenge

Help launch a new business in the services sector. The owner of the business had previous success as an individual and group coach as well as an educator. Her vision is to create a business that would provide organizations with a program to improve culture and create lasting growth through employee-led coaching.

What We Did

Verve consulted on brand strategy and created all communications to bring the firm to market. This included messaging, logo, look & feel, and creation of communication materials.

Messaging was built around coaching, leadership, and the owner’s distinctive emphasis on improving relationships. This helped direct content for the blog, articulation of company values, and choice of the company’s name. The use of a distinctive coral and teal palette is a key component in creating a memorable brand look and feel. These colors also resonated with the owner reflecting a professional and positive feel.

The company has been launched with extremely positive feedback. The program has gone through field testing and the client is beginning to generate leads for new corporate clients.

Preuss CoachLeader logo, business papers
Logo, Business Papers, Workbook
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