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Publishing: Custom Website Helps Consumers Choose Best Option from 2000+ SKUs
Branding Web Design

The Brand and Challenge

Thomas Nelson Bibles is the world’s largest Bible publisher. The client sought to completely redesign the website with a new look and new content organization that takes into consideration how consumers think about Bible purchases.

What We Did

Verve Marketing Group created a custom WordPress theme with a new modern yet neutral look that could work with the variety of translation brands the company publishes. Lifestyle and “product in use” photography and video was used extensively throughout the site to help visitors “experience” product interiors virtually.

Thomas Nelson Bibles website design and award statue

Unlike a traditional ecommerce site, the site content organization helps visitors to more easily narrow down selections based on the diverse ways that buyers approach a new Bible purchase. The selection of a Bible can be overwhelming as they are not a frequent purchase and consumers are often not even aware of the broad categories to begin narrowing their search. Rather than a linear approach, visitors can find recommendations organized by translation or types of features such as Study Bible or Reference Bible.

This custom designed website is programmed in WordPress to easily create new product pages choosing from a variety of types of content such as videos and product feature images to appear on the page as desired. With individual product SKUs constantly changing on the 2000+ line, the site is also programmed automatically delete products that become no longer available and to auto create online retailer “buy” links.

Verve Marketing Group was awarded the highest honor, the Award of Excellence, in the 27th Annual Communicator Awards competition for design and development of this site.

“Since launching the new website, we have seen higher pageviews and user retention. More users are coming to the site and staying on it longer.”

Nick Poe
Senior Marketing Manager, Thomas Nelson

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