WEPROSPER: Website for initiative to fight predatory loans in Illinois provides help for vulnerable families and lawmakers

The Brand and Challenge

WeProsper is a joint initiative of Woodstock Institute, New America Chicago, and The Chicago Urban League to help protect and assist those vulnerable to predatory financial practices in Illinois. Consumer resources were previously on site pages within a partner site which was limiting.

What We Did

A new stand alone website was created in WordPress to provide a dedicated online space for the initiative. The site offers free education for lawmakers and the public with special focus on communities of color. Both an English version and Spanish version site were created which site visitors can toggle between. The Spanish site for Chicago’s hispanic community was a fully customized site with manually translated English to Spanish and imagery that resonates with the community.

Downloadable Resource Guides were also designed in both English and Spanish as well as email graphics for awareness building.

WeProsper Spanish website design



WeProsper website design English

WeProsper provides Verve Marketing Group with monthly updates on new legislation and partner services. We translate these into Spanish and keep both the Spanish/English websites and Resource Guides up to date with the latest information.

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