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Responsive Web Design Will Become Standard, Necessary for Optimizing Search


Back in early June, Google came out with recommendations for building smartphone-optimized websites in a way that gives both computer and smartphone optimized sites the best chance of performing well in Google search.

What is it and why use it?

Responsive web design is a technique that keeps your desktop and mobile content on a single URL with different experiences depending on the device.  Design-wise, we create variations of each page for different viewing widths. So if you were to narrow your browser window, the design “snaps” to change to view well in the new size.  And if you’re viewing on mobile, you’ll experience a nice design for a very narrow space.

Here’s an example of a fun site Verve Marketing Group just launched that uses responsive design technology.

Responsive design is not possible or appropriate for every situation, but for this site, it was the perfect solution. We had a seriously tight time frame, expected high usage on both mobile and computer out of the gate, and a fairly limited-scope promotional site.

It was a great solution and a fun site! Check it out and if you’re inclined, post a story to the site on the “mark” you’re making – by smartphone or computer!